Nicolas + Kristen

We very affectionately refer to this wedding as ‘The Frenchies’ Wedding’ because almost  all of Nicolas’ family and friends came over from France for the big event and the FOB openly shared his heartfelt enthusiasm about having them here to share his daughter’s special day, openly referring to them using this term–but with no malice or negativity. It was a really cute part of the reception Tony and I remember well when he was thanking all the ‘Frenchies’ for coming so far and being here at The Casitas for Nico and Kristen’s magical day.


Nico and Kristen immortalized at The Casitas Estate front fountain


We also love this work by Jeff Newsom–making our front fountain look brilliant. Nico and Kristen hosted a lovely, intimate evening with about sixty guests. They lavished them with L’Aventure wines, including their Optimus, which we now love and appreciate being turned onto–another amazing Paso find that we were previously unaware of just North of us. Chef Rochelle Harringer also created a nine course gastronomic delight, ending with profiterole Eiffel Towers that were delightful to see and enjoy. It was a wonderful event that we still remember here at The Casitas Estate. We hope Nico and Kristen are still enjoying their new life in France today.

Kristen having a fun moment on the back lawn

Nico and Kristen

At The Casitas Estate