Nicolas + Kristen

We very affec­tion­ate­ly refer to this wed­ding as ‘The Frenchies’ Wed­ding’ because almost  all of Nico­las’ fam­i­ly and friends came over from France for the big event and the FOB open­ly shared his heart­felt enthu­si­asm about hav­ing them here to share his daughter’s spe­cial day, open­ly refer­ring to them using this term–but with no mal­ice or neg­a­tiv­i­ty. It was a real­ly cute part of the recep­tion Tony and I remem­ber well when he was thank­ing all the ‘Frenchies’ for com­ing so far and being here at The Casitas for Nico and Kristen’s mag­i­cal day.


Nico and Kristen immortalized at The Casitas Estate front fountain


We also love this work by Jeff Newsom–making our front foun­tain look bril­liant. Nico and Kris­ten host­ed a love­ly, inti­mate evening with about six­ty guests. They lav­ished them with L’Aventure wines, includ­ing their Opti­mus, which we now love and appre­ci­ate being turned onto–another amaz­ing Paso find that we were pre­vi­ous­ly unaware of just North of us. Chef Rochelle Har­ringer also cre­at­ed a nine course gas­tro­nom­ic delight, end­ing with prof­ite­role Eif­fel Tow­ers that were delight­ful to see and enjoy. It was a won­der­ful event that we still remem­ber here at The Casitas Estate. We hope Nico and Kris­ten are still enjoy­ing their new life in France today.

Kristen having a fun moment on the back lawn

Nico and Kristen

At The Casitas Estate



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