Time to celebrate

Event Guidelines

Are Here and In Effect.

April 15, 2021

Vendor Requirements

We are cleared for events! The State of California has issued Industry Guidance for Private Venues and Events to support a safe, clean environment for workers, clients, and guests. The full Guidance can be found HERE.

While ensuring safety for all onsite attendees (vendors and guests) is of the utmost importance, we also want to make the transition to compliant events as smooth as possible for our clients and vendors alike. Below is an overview of the required changes and how we, as your venue, will aid in facilitating this transition.


All vendors are required to wear face coverings at all times while working onsite in the event space. Each vendor will be responsible for supplying masks to their staff that are cohesive with their uniform (preferably black) and ensuring they are worn properly.


If buffet-style dining or bar service is provided, food and drink must be served to guests (no self-service). The caterer and/or bar service are responsible for staffing accordingly.


Assigned seating is required to control mixing and permit physical distancing. Tables must be spaced 6 feet apart from one another. The event planner will be responsible for managing a seating chart and ensuring proper distancing between tables.


According to the Industry Guidance, attendance capacities change depending on the tier our county is currently in at the time of the event. For the sake of planning and based on the anticipated attendance counts our clients have shared with us, we will not be capping capacities.

However, we are requiring that any event over 50 attendees require proof of a negative test or full vaccination for all onsite guests and vendors.


Any event of 50 attendees or more must provide proof of negative test (within 72 hours of the event) or full vaccination.

This is the only substantial modification the California Public Health Department has asked private venues to abide by.

As the host venue, we intend to take on the responsibility of tracking these submissions for all attendees (guests and vendors).

Please find a breakdown of this process below:

The client will communicate to all attendees (guests and vendors) of this requirement at the earliest convenience. For those who are not vaccinated or do not wish to share their vaccination status, there are great options for testing:

At Home Testing

(quick turnaround and reimbursable by insurance)

Mobile Event Testing

(onsite on your event day)

The client will notify attendees of the Covid-19 Submission page on The Casitas Estate website.

The submission button can be easily found on our website's main navigation, as shown below:

Guests & Vendors CLICK HERE for Testing Info & Submission Form

This “COVID-19” tab will take all users to a page with Covid-19 testing information and the Covid-19 submission form. Users will easily be able to choose which event they are attending/working (designated by date and host’s first names).

For a direct connection to the Covid-19 submission form, please send guests and vendor staff to THIS LINK. This is a great resource if you want to hyperlink the submission form on a wedding website or a staff page.

*Please deter guests/staff from same-day submission of Covid-19 information, unless you are providing onsite mobile testing. We ask that submissions be made by end of day (EOD) the day prior to the event.

The client or planner will submit the final attendee/invitation list to The Casitas Estate 30 days prior to the event date.

The planner will submit the vendor list to us 30 days prior to the event date (and will collect the names of all staff scheduled to be onsite), as well.

It is the responsibility of each vendor team to submit the names of all scheduled staff to the planner or directly to the venue at least 4 days in advance of the event.

If you have any questions at all about these requirements, the testing/vaccination record collection process, or anything else related to your wedding/event, please feel free to reach out at any point in time. Pat can be easily reached at pat@casitasestate.com 

Please note: The current Industry Guidance for Private Venues and Events is effective now through June 15, 2021, at which point we do not know what changes the State of California will be making as they remove the tiered reopening system. Until we hear otherwise, we plan to enforce these Guidelines for all upcoming events in 2021. Please plan your event accordingly.