5 Uniquely Fun Ideas for your Wedding Day

Since you all liked my top 5 Rehearsal Din­ner Options, here’s anoth­er top 5 list to share!

We feel so lucky to be host­ing wed­dings here on the cen­tral coast, not just because we live in San Luis Obis­po, but most­ly when I think of the peo­ple that live here that we eas­i­ly now call friends. We love the crowd we get to work with as a small bou­tique inn and of course, each wed­ding sea­son, as a venue. And, it’s kind of fun being the old­er fun peo­ple with so much enthu­si­as­tic young ener­gy amongst our ven­dor community.

Cou­ples book­ing here at The Casitas often ask us for unique ideas or what‘s worked well so their guests have a blast. They also want to offer some­thing dif­fer­ent for their recep­tion in a sea of besties that are new­ly wed. Have you thought about adding some of these fun ven­dors to make your wed­ding mem­o­rable on the big day?

  1. Spencer Sar­son Visu­als –Videos Gone Wild!

I was intro­duced to Spencer (a Cal Poly Grad!) from our Knot­crash­ers bridal fair event held here last Feb­ru­ary. It was the first time I’d seen a slow-motion mon­tage used to bring guests of all ages togeth­er to share a cre­ative and fun mem­o­ry at any wed­ding recep­tion (or par­ty). If you’ve asked your­self where pho­to­booths are going, this is sure one fun answer!

Spencer is also so tal­ent­ed with videog­ra­phy, with anoth­er exam­ple of his work here shoot­ing the cer­e­mo­ny set­up details, cer­e­mo­ny and recep­tion for a wedding.

I think Spencer’s phi­los­o­phy is right on, “Per­son­al­ly, my belief is that art is not about the phys­i­cal piece. Instead, it is about the feel­ings behind it, the time spent cre­at­ing it, and the meth­ods express­ing it. That’s why I believe any­thing can be seen as artis­tic — it just depends on who’s look­ing.” I think his work cap­tures so much feel­ing – be sure to take a look at Spencer’s tal­ent­ed work and website.

  1. Cig­ar and Whiskey Bar or Spe­cial­ty Bar

Not for every­one, but when a groom or side of the fam­i­ly real­ly has an affin­i­ty for a spe­cial­ty drink or activ­i­ty, it real­ly sets a great mood. Some­times it’s not even cig­ars, we’ve had sal­sa bars, sushi, and tea bars here as a homage to fam­i­ly busi­ness­es or to offer that spe­cial some­thing. The image below is just one fun exam­ple styled by one of our SLO Wed­ding Plan­ners, Janet Tacy of Sand­cas­tle Cel­e­bra­tions. It was the whim of the groom and man, oh man, did his broth­er in laws enjoy it! “Fire­ball!” could be heard for months fol­low­ing the event.

Jenga at The Casitas Estate provided by Shenanigans

Jen­ga at The Casitas Estate pro­vid­ed by Shenani­gans

  1. You Know I had to include Games! It’s not just Jen­ga anymore!

While I get that some cou­ples want a classy event and often times, with the cost of wed­dings, chil­dren are not invit­ed, games are still a big hit EVERYTIME! We have had the ben­e­fit of sev­en dif­fer­ent games with a ‘kid wran­gler’ for a wed­ding with 30 chil­dren but we’ve also seen the fun a ‘no kids’ crowd has dur­ing cock­tail hour and the recep­tion play­ing with old and new acquain­tances at wed­dings and cor­po­rate events. What’s nice is that many of these can be a DIYER project for a handy friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber (and yes, often the groom!) but we also have a great local rental com­pa­ny that sim­ply drops it off and has it wait­ing at your event so…let the games begin! Shenani­gans’ own­er, Lisa Hess, can set you up!

Giant Connect 4 Shenanigans Central Coast Wedding Venue

Anoth­er fun game to rent is Con­nect 4!

  1. Treat your guests to espres­so and macchiato!

There are sev­er­al won­der­ful barista com­pa­nies here local­ly that will add a Tus­can feel and yes, break up the alco­hol con­sump­tion lat­er in the evening. (A big plus, trust me!)

The Coffee Diva serves it up for your wedding day! photography by Tayler Enerle

The Cof­fee Diva serves it up for your wed­ding day! pho­tog­ra­phy by Tayler Ener­le

One great fam­i­ly run ven­dor that we are hap­py to have here local­ly is The Cof­fee Diva. Their ele­gant brass and cop­per espres­so machine real­ly sets the stage for your wed­ding, cor­po­rate, or spe­cial event. Mak­ing won­der­ful espres­so drinks, art­ful­ly served by pro­fes­sion­al baris­tas, is an awe­some com­ple­ment to your spe­cial occa­sion. Their menu items include drinks from cap­puc­ci­no (made with ILLY® espres­so from Italy) to caramel mac­chi­a­to, hot-spiced chai, and even iced blend­ed sig­na­ture drinks like their Mocha Diva and Chai Goddess.

  1. Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream
We all scream for it! Photography: Plum Jam Photography

We all scream for it! Pho­tog­ra­phy: Plum Jam Photography

Maybe you are com­plete­ly over the cut­ting of the cake and are crav­ing some­thing dif­fer­ent and tru­ly yum­my for dessert? Maybe you or your SO are total­ly addict­ed to ice cream and decid­ed you would like to share that pas­sion? It’s become a very cool option here at The Casitas Estate (pun whole­heart­ed­ly intended!)

We are very lucky to have an authen­tic old-fash­ioned ice cream par­lor called Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab here in town! Serv­ing up hand­craft­ed ice cream and sor­bet with a mobile scoop­er and stand that is set up right in your recep­tion area. Sure they have an award win­ning vanil­la, but also fea­ture fun one of a kind fla­vors like the “Elvis Spe­cial”, “Mer­lot-Rasp­ber­ry Truf­fle” (made with real Cen­tral Coast wine – just a lit­tle) and “Motor Oil” (cus­tom cre­at­ed for the Pis­mo Beach Car Show). This is anoth­er great idea I had to include, enjoy a scoop while you con­sid­er it.

Of course I have plen­ty more great ven­dors and ideas to share, but the main thing is to think about this being your own ‘gold­en tick­et’ — A day to make your own with things you want to share with your friends and fam­i­ly. Will you write and let me know if you had a cool idea? As Emer­son so elo­quent­ly put it, “Life is a Jour­ney, Not a Des­ti­na­tion.” I believe the same can be said for the plan­ning stage of your wedding.

Have fun Kids.