Q: What are the Casitas Estate site fees/rental rates?
A: Our rates do vary depend­ing on the size of your guest list and desired pack­age (our pack­ages are out­lined under Pack­ages & Rates). For spe­cific infor­ma­tion on The Casitas Estate site fees, please click here for our Con­tact Us Form or give us a call at (805) 710‑1587 for pack­age, prices & availability.

Q: What is included in the estate rental?

A: Our Per­fect Day pack­age, rent­ing the estate for your wed­ding or recep­tion, includes exclu­sive use of the Estate from Fri­day at 3PM until Sun­day, at 11AM.  We include a shut­tle ser­vice to and from the des­ti­na­tion for a sum of 4 hours, usu­ally 2 hours at the start and 2 hours at the end of the event from a local per­mit­ted park. Options from a cen­tral hotel can be arranged, we would just need to fac­tor in travel time but there are hotels in Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach that are close by with room blocks we can sug­gest.  Lux­ury mens and wom­ens ADA com­pli­ant restrooms (with a dia­per chang­ing table) and a sunken dance floor on the back lawn are included. Use of our large kitchen for use by your caterer for plat­ing and serv­ing is also included on the day of the event.

We also include the four lodg­ing houses like Cielo for your best friends or fam­ily mem­bers for 2 con­sec­u­tive nights, so you are already onsite and enjoy­ing the Estate. We do ask that you try to keep the same guests in the rooms both evenings since it is almost impos­si­ble to have you leave the rooms and clean them for dif­fer­ent guests on the day of your wed­ding or event.

For 2016, our Per­fect Day pack­age also includes light­ing, coor­di­na­tion, and table and chairs.

Q: Can we get ready at the Estate?

A: Yes, often times the bride will get ready onsite and have hair and makeup com­ing to the Estate, how­ever if your wed­ding party exceeds 4 women, it is dif­fi­cult for every­one in one room and as this is often your bridal suite later in the day, it’s also a room you would pre­fer to keep in some order.

Typ­i­cally the groom or his grooms­men are stay­ing at an off­site hotel and get ready off prop­erty and then arrive early for a game of bocce and pho­tog­ra­phy before the shut­tles start arriv­ing with guests for the cer­e­mony or reception.

By pop­u­lar demand, here are just a few options for bring­ing in lunch or snacks on the day of your event while your fam­ily and friends get ready: Com­fort Mar­ket Cater­ing. Another option is Jaffa Cafe for Mediter­ranean food or Palo Mesa Pizza — (AG Ran­cho Park­way loca­tion), who even delivers!

Q: What is required to reserve a date?

A: A $4,000 non-refundable deposit and signed con­tract will con­firm that the date is yours for wed­dings or events includ­ing all lodg­ing rooms for the two nights. Alter­na­tively, for the ‘Rent  Just The Estate’ only pack­age, a $2,000 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the entire estate for lodg­ing only.

Q: What would you say are the top rea­sons cou­ples select The Casitas?

A: This does vary for every­one but our hill­top views are prob­a­bly one of the top rea­sons. Many feel like they are trans­ported to Tus­cany or parts of Spain.

Sec­ondly, you have a des­ti­na­tion wed­ding and are here for an entire week­end ver­sus hav­ing a mere 4–5 hours else­where. Here at The Casitas, you do not have to load up and leave the same night, you can sleep in, enjoy our break­fast in the morn­ing with your fam­ily or friends lodg­ing here and enjoy more time together.

Many other cen­tral coast wed­ding venues have issues with wind, extreme heat and cold and have a lim­ited amount of space to hold your cer­e­mony, cock­tail hour and recep­tion. Luck­ily with The Casitas being just seven miles from the ocean and with a pro­tected hill from our neighbor’s estate, your guests enjoy mod­est tem­per­a­tures and do not have the ‘wind tun­nel’ effect that other venues endure.

Many of our cou­ples marry in our estate Syrah vine­yard, pick another loca­tion near the pool or in the foun­tain court­yard for cock­tails, and then have their recep­tion on the back infin­ity lawn so their guests are treated to unique loca­tions all in one cozy place.  It’s ample space for up to 180 guests but even smaller wed­dings of forty guests do not feel swal­lowed up here.

We offer most ameni­ties here includ­ing the lights, tables and chairs, coor­di­na­tion, and even heaters avail­able last minute in case they are needed (at added cost). Our lux­ury bath­rooms offer guests an equally pleas­ant expe­ri­ence to freshen up in a pleas­ant set­ting that is main­tained and updated to match the beauty of our pri­vate estate.

While there is lim­ited space at the top of the estate, the shut­tles have become a very desir­able fea­ture of our pack­ages. Your guests do not drink and drive but are brought up in a nice coach with pro­fes­sional dri­vers. They come off the shut­tle and are wowed by the set­ting with many nat­ural flo­rals and detailed span­ish architecture–guests love the curb appeal upon arriv­ing and that you have brought them to this mag­i­cal roman­tic setting.

Finally, Tony and I care deeply about our estate and mak­ing your day incred­i­ble. We are com­mit­ted to help you, your friends and fam­ily and the ven­dors you select, to make sure you have a won­der­ful event. We wel­come our com­mit­ted cou­ples to visit often while plan­ning, whether it’s to show a friend or par­ent the loca­tion, meet with ven­dors or just to stop in while doing other things.  We take great pride in being great hosts to both our lodg­ing guests and wed­ding guests through­out the year.

Q: Am I required to have a wed­ding plan­ner and/or coordinator?

A: Yes. We require you have a hired (pro­fes­sional) wed­ding plan­ner and/or coor­di­na­tor for day of at a min­i­mum so we do include this as part of our 2016 pack­age. Your wed­ding plan­ner will ensure that your day goes as planned and exceeds your expec­ta­tions for a flaw­less event. If you already have a licensed full-time wed­ding plan­ner, please con­tact us directly and we can dis­cuss options with you to cre­ate a win-win!

Q: Until what time can music be played?

A: All music and the event must end by 10PM for wed­dings, 9PM for rehearsal din­ners held the night prior to the wedding.

This is in keep­ing with the county ordi­nance and out of respect for our neigh­bors across the val­ley. We DO allow you to START your event as early in the day as desired so if you want to have a longer event, by hav­ing the estate from Fri­day on, you can cer­tainly start your Sat­ur­day event ear­lier than other venues might allow.

Q: What is the rain plan?

A: While chances for rain are typ­i­cally remote here in the Cen­tral Coast dur­ing our long wed­ding sea­son, we do have lawn dimen­sions if a tent(s) was needed and we have com­par­a­tive quotes that we can share. You would need to incur the cost of a tent from a rental com­pany if war­ranted. We do work with sev­eral local rental com­pa­nies that offer tent rentals if inclemen­tal weather is fore­casted for that day. We also have arrange­ments with these com­pa­nies to guar­an­tee Casitas Estate Cou­ples a tent when we have arranged rentals for you through their com­pany. This is why we stress to use one of our pre­ferred rental com­pa­nies for your plates, stemware and sil­ver­ware. (guest tables and chairs are already included)

Q: What if we don’t want to use the 4 lodg­ing houses for our event?

A: While we know hav­ing the lodg­ing included can make it more dif­fi­cult for bud­get­ing, we unfor­tu­nately can­not rent the rooms to any­one out­side of your wed­ding, as lodg­ing guests would expect a peace­ful, serene set­ting and you also would not want undated guests crash­ing your party.

We do offer an option if you pre­fer to ‘back out’ the cost of the rooms from our pack­age, if you plan to have indi­vid­ual fam­ily or friends stay onsite and pay as they would for a hotel room here on the cen­tral coast. We can talk to this in more detail if desired, how­ever do keep in mind that you then lose the oppor­tu­nity to have any rooms to get ready and enjoy on the estate for the week­end if the rooms are given up for a dis­tant fam­ily mem­ber attend­ing or friend from out of town.  From past expe­ri­ence, grandma will need to get ready in her room and the grooms­men will not be wel­come to crash!

Q: Can I bring in my own vendors?

A: Yes, but we are happy to offer sug­ges­tions espe­cially for ven­dors that have done a won­der­ful job here in the past and are famil­iar with the prop­erty already. (It does make a dif­fer­ence!)  We do have a check­list that we coor­di­nate with you list­ing those ven­dors to ensure that every­thing arrives and runs smoothly. For cater­ing, we do require ade­quate staffing to clear and sup­port your given wed­ding size–typically this is not an issue, but again we want to ensure a suc­cess­ful event you will be proud to hold here at the Estate. They must also be licensed and insured. We do have some great sug­ges­tions to offer for a vari­ety of bud­gets and food themes. Upon book­ing, we are also happy to share these ven­dors that do a great job to find the right fit for your event.

Q: What are the require­ments at the end of my event?

A:  You are required to have a des­ig­nated con­tact per­son that will be in charge of mak­ing sure every­thing is cleaned, trash removed, and removed from the grounds at the con­clu­sion of the event. Often times this respon­si­bil­ity can be han­dled by the caterer, but please be sure to ver­ify this with them. If they do not break down, your plan­ner can work through options to make it all seamless.

Q: Do you have ample elec­tric­ity set up at your venue?

A:  Yes, we have sock­ets located in each of the areas for cer­e­mony, cock­tails and recep­tion areas here on the Estate. At the Casitas we offer a great set­ting for views and pho­tog­ra­phy from the front foun­tain court­yard, back infin­ity lawn, vine­yard cer­e­mony site, and pool area.

Q: Do you allow full bar at your venue?

A:  Yes, since you are rent­ing our lodg­ing estate for a pri­vate event, it is allowed. How­ever, we strongly sug­gest con­sid­er­ing wine, beer, and sig­na­ture cock­tails for two rea­sons: 1) guests are not mix­ing many alco­hols and poten­tially caus­ing unwanted atten­tion dur­ing your spe­cial day and 2) we see that hav­ing many choices at the bar slows down the flow of guests get­ting drinks. If you do want to offer some hard liquor, con­sider a few choices where you aren’t also bring­ing in every mixer for a full bar, it is a lot to bring in and dis­pose of the next day as well when you depart the Estate. Addi­tion­ally, if you have a full bar, you will want to have an addi­tional bar­tender included to staff it, to try and man­age the longer wait times for your guests. We do require a licensed, insured caterer and bartenders.

Q: Do you charge a cork­age fee for your bar?

A:  No, we do not. We can sug­gest great local winer­ies and brew­ers that can give your event a great local fla­vor, but we do not restrict what you pur­chase and serve. Bevmo also deliv­ers here which is a nice con­ve­nience, if desired.

Q: What other options do you offer at your venue?

A:  We also have 10 heaters on site that we main­tain and fill each week­end that are ‘on call’ . We charge for them if you want them last minute, we charge noth­ing if the evening weather is warm and they are not needed. We used to see that cou­ples rented them and didn’t need them or didn’t think to order them and grandma would have ben­e­fit­ted with one near her seat. We added these to cover this need as a last minute option avail­able to you.

We also now offer a high end glass fire pit with benches for a lounge set-up near your bar area or in the court­yard or outer circle–please inquire and we can share images of it.

Q: We would pre­fer the farm­house (rus­tic wooden) tables and dif­fer­ent chairs, are we able to upgrade if desired?

A: As long as you place your rental order with one of the pre­ferred ven­dors we have made an arrange­ment and book the rentals under The Casitas Estate (ver­sus a caterer or doing rentals for plates, sil­ver­ware, etc on your own), we have been given dis­counts for any guest chair and table upgrades and can fur­nish you the sav­ings and prices. NOTE: If you book a caterer who wants to han­dle and book the rentals under their own com­pany, we can­not get the agreed upon dis­counts from our rental ven­dors. Feel free to con­sult with your plan­ner on these details or ask us, the own­ers for clarification.