Q: What are the Casitas Estate site fees/rental rates?
A: Our rates do vary depending on the size of your guest list and desired package (our packages are outlined under Packages & Rates). For specific information on The Casitas Estate site fees, please click here for our Contact Us Form or give us a call at (805) 710-1587 for package, prices & availability.

Q: What is included in the estate rental?

A: Our Perfect Day package, renting the estate for your wedding or reception, includes exclusive use of the Estate from Friday at 3PM until Sunday, at 11AM.  We include a shuttle service to and from the destination for a sum of 4 hours, usually 2 hours at the start and 2 hours at the end of the event from a local permitted park. Options from a central hotel can be arranged, we would just need to factor in travel time but there are hotels in Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach that are close by with room blocks we can suggest.  Luxury mens and womens ADA compliant restrooms (with a diaper changing table) and a sunken dance floor on the back lawn are included. Use of our large kitchen for use by your caterer for plating and serving is also included on the day of the event.

We also include the four lodging houses like Cielo for your best friends or family members for 2 consecutive nights, so you are already onsite and enjoying the Estate. We do ask that you try to keep the same guests in the rooms both evenings since it is almost impossible to have you leave the rooms and clean them for different guests on the day of your wedding or event.

For 2016, our Perfect Day package also includes lighting, coordination, and table and chairs.

Q: Can we get ready at the Estate?

A: Yes, often times the bride will get ready onsite and have hair and makeup coming to the Estate, however if your wedding party exceeds 4 women, it is difficult for everyone in one room and as this is often your bridal suite later in the day, it’s also a room you would prefer to keep in some order.

Typically the groom or his groomsmen are staying at an offsite hotel and get ready off property and then arrive early for a game of bocce and photography before the shuttles start arriving with guests for the ceremony or reception.

By popular demand, here are just a few options for bringing in lunch or snacks on the day of your event while your family and friends get ready: Comfort Market Catering. Another option is Jaffa Cafe for Mediterranean food or Palo Mesa Pizza – (AG Rancho Parkway location), who even delivers!

Q: What is required to reserve a date?

A: A $4,000 non-refundable deposit and signed contract will confirm that the date is yours for weddings or events including all lodging rooms for the two nights. Alternatively, for the ‘Rent  Just The Estate’ only package, a $2,000 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the entire estate for lodging only.

Q: What would you say are the top reasons couples select The Casitas?

A: This does vary for everyone but our hilltop views are probably one of the top reasons. Many feel like they are transported to Tuscany or parts of Spain.

Secondly, you have a destination wedding and are here for an entire weekend versus having a mere 4-5 hours elsewhere. Here at The Casitas, you do not have to load up and leave the same night, you can sleep in, enjoy our breakfast in the morning with your family or friends lodging here and enjoy more time together.

Many other central coast wedding venues have issues with wind, extreme heat and cold and have a limited amount of space to hold your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Luckily with The Casitas being just seven miles from the ocean and with a protected hill from our neighbor’s estate, your guests enjoy modest temperatures and do not have the ‘wind tunnel’ effect that other venues endure.

Many of our couples marry in our estate Syrah vineyard, pick another location near the pool or in the fountain courtyard for cocktails, and then have their reception on the back infinity lawn so their guests are treated to unique locations all in one cozy place.  It’s ample space for up to 180 guests but even smaller weddings of forty guests do not feel swallowed up here.

We offer most amenities here including the lights, tables and chairs, coordination, and even heaters available last minute in case they are needed (at added cost). Our luxury bathrooms offer guests an equally pleasant experience to freshen up in a pleasant setting that is maintained and updated to match the beauty of our private estate.

While there is limited space at the top of the estate, the shuttles have become a very desirable feature of our packages. Your guests do not drink and drive but are brought up in a nice coach with professional drivers. They come off the shuttle and are wowed by the setting with many natural florals and detailed spanish architecture–guests love the curb appeal upon arriving and that you have brought them to this magical romantic setting.

Finally, Tony and I care deeply about our estate and making your day incredible. We are committed to help you, your friends and family and the vendors you select, to make sure you have a wonderful event. We welcome our committed couples to visit often while planning, whether it’s to show a friend or parent the location, meet with vendors or just to stop in while doing other things.  We take great pride in being great hosts to both our lodging guests and wedding guests throughout the year.

Q: Am I required to have a wedding planner and/or coordinator?

A: Yes. We require you have a hired (professional) wedding planner and/or coordinator for day of at a minimum so we do include this as part of our 2016 package. Your wedding planner will ensure that your day goes as planned and exceeds your expectations for a flawless event. If you already have a licensed full-time wedding planner, please contact us directly and we can discuss options with you to create a win-win!

Q: Until what time can music be played?

A: All music and the event must end by 10PM for weddings, 9PM for rehearsal dinners held the night prior to the wedding.

This is in keeping with the county ordinance and out of respect for our neighbors across the valley. We DO allow you to START your event as early in the day as desired so if you want to have a longer event, by having the estate from Friday on, you can certainly start your Saturday event earlier than other venues might allow.

Q: What is the rain plan?

A: While chances for rain are typically remote here in the Central Coast during our long wedding season, we do have lawn dimensions if a tent(s) was needed and we have comparative quotes that we can share. You would need to incur the cost of a tent from a rental company if warranted. We do work with several local rental companies that offer tent rentals if inclemental weather is forecasted for that day. We also have arrangements with these companies to guarantee Casitas Estate Couples a tent when we have arranged rentals for you through their company. This is why we stress to use one of our preferred rental companies for your plates, stemware and silverware. (guest tables and chairs are already included)

Q: What if we don’t want to use the 4 lodging houses for our event?

A: While we know having the lodging included can make it more difficult for budgeting, we unfortunately cannot rent the rooms to anyone outside of your wedding, as lodging guests would expect a peaceful, serene setting and you also would not want undated guests crashing your party.

We do offer an option if you prefer to ‘back out’ the cost of the rooms from our package, if you plan to have individual family or friends stay onsite and pay as they would for a hotel room here on the central coast. We can talk to this in more detail if desired, however do keep in mind that you then lose the opportunity to have any rooms to get ready and enjoy on the estate for the weekend if the rooms are given up for a distant family member attending or friend from out of town.  From past experience, grandma will need to get ready in her room and the groomsmen will not be welcome to crash!

Q: Can I bring in my own vendors?

A: Yes, but we are happy to offer suggestions especially for vendors that have done a wonderful job here in the past and are familiar with the property already. (It does make a difference!)  We do have a checklist that we coordinate with you listing those vendors to ensure that everything arrives and runs smoothly. For catering, we do require adequate staffing to clear and support your given wedding size–typically this is not an issue, but again we want to ensure a successful event you will be proud to hold here at the Estate. They must also be licensed and insured. We do have some great suggestions to offer for a variety of budgets and food themes. Upon booking, we are also happy to share these vendors that do a great job to find the right fit for your event.

Q: What are the requirements at the end of my event?

A:  You are required to have a designated contact person that will be in charge of making sure everything is cleaned, trash removed, and removed from the grounds at the conclusion of the event. Often times this responsibility can be handled by the caterer, but please be sure to verify this with them. If they do not break down, your planner can work through options to make it all seamless.

Q: Do you have ample electricity set up at your venue?

A:  Yes, we have sockets located in each of the areas for ceremony, cocktails and reception areas here on the Estate. At the Casitas we offer a great setting for views and photography from the front fountain courtyard, back infinity lawn, vineyard ceremony site, and pool area.

Q: Do you allow full bar at your venue?

A:  Yes, since you are renting our lodging estate for a private event, it is allowed. However, we strongly suggest considering wine, beer, and signature cocktails for two reasons: 1) guests are not mixing many alcohols and potentially causing unwanted attention during your special day and 2) we see that having many choices at the bar slows down the flow of guests getting drinks. If you do want to offer some hard liquor, consider a few choices where you aren’t also bringing in every mixer for a full bar, it is a lot to bring in and dispose of the next day as well when you depart the Estate. Additionally, if you have a full bar, you will want to have an additional bartender included to staff it, to try and manage the longer wait times for your guests. We do require a licensed, insured caterer and bartenders.

Q: Do you charge a corkage fee for your bar?

A:  No, we do not. We can suggest great local wineries and brewers that can give your event a great local flavor, but we do not restrict what you purchase and serve. Bevmo also delivers here which is a nice convenience, if desired.

Q: What other options do you offer at your venue?

A:  We also have 10 heaters on site that we maintain and fill each weekend that are ‘on call’ . We charge for them if you want them last minute, we charge nothing if the evening weather is warm and they are not needed. We used to see that couples rented them and didn’t need them or didn’t think to order them and grandma would have benefitted with one near her seat. We added these to cover this need as a last minute option available to you.

We also now offer a high end glass fire pit with benches for a lounge set-up near your bar area or in the courtyard or outer circle–please inquire and we can share images of it.

Q: We would prefer the farmhouse (rustic wooden) tables and different chairs, are we able to upgrade if desired?

A: As long as you place your rental order with one of the preferred vendors we have made an arrangement and book the rentals under The Casitas Estate (versus a caterer or doing rentals for plates, silverware, etc on your own), we have been given discounts for any guest chair and table upgrades and can furnish you the savings and prices. NOTE: If you book a caterer who wants to handle and book the rentals under their own company, we cannot get the agreed upon discounts from our rental vendors. Feel free to consult with your planner on these details or ask us, the owners for clarification.